Training programme on (audio)visual narrative and communication

We started September with great enthusiasm, because we already have the first prototype of the contents for the training program on audiovisual narrative and communication.

We visited to Porto to perform an intense work session, which allowed us to give the final touches to a training that will soon be released.


Do you want to know a little more about this training?

The project team worked on the creation of the training content around the four previously defined axes: digital narrative, video creation, creation of images and illustrations.

One of the most interesting aspects is that each of these areas has been designed to be used independently, although all of them encompass the key elements of audiovisual communication.

We worked on a pedagogical approach oriented to self-learning, so that the students decide they own pace and selects the contents that interest them most.

In addition, they can participate in the Com ON community through the web and social networks, to share experiences, learning, resources … with other students.

Stay connected to social networks to learn more about the next steps of the Com ON project. A very interesting autumn awaits us!

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